Cannabis Products

All of our cannabis is grown in hydroponic media. Our closed-air grow room, complete with HEPA air purification, ensures a sterile environment which keeps our flowers free of harmful molds, pathogens, pests, and dust. All of our flowers are hand-trimmed and carefully dried in a controlled environment. Then they are slowly cured before being meticulously packaged and sealed with food grade nitrogen to protect against moisture, oxidization and light.

We perform testing at multiple stages of production from container media samples, the source water before and after reverse osmosis filtration, and nutrient samples of our custom in-house nutrient line. We have also proudly partnered with SC Labs to test our flowers for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, pesticide levels , and microbial levels (mold, mildew, etc.) to ensure that we have the safest and highest level of quality products to offer to our members.

We invite you to take a look at our profile page at SC Labs to take a look at the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes for our flowers: Click Here



( 2g| 4g| 8g| 15g| 1oz)

We are currently out of a few cultivars, however we are in the process of harvesting a fresh batch of flowers. There are some of our staple favorites along with a few new varieties. These will be on the menu and available soon!

Mango Tango Cannabis

Mango Tango

Indica Dominant
Test Results:
THC 27.44% CBD .10%
Dominant Terpenes:
Myrcene 1.487%
Beta Caryophyllene .299%
Limonene .214%
Linalool .176%

Mango Tango is a three-way cross between the delicious Tangie, Peaches & True OG strains. The Mango Tango high is intense and long lasting, with crushing Indica effects. You will experience a soaring head high that catapults you into the clouds. Mango Tango is a favorite for treating chronic pain, mild to moderate cases of depression, muscle spasms, and tremors. This bud is delicious with citrus undertones and a sweet peachy exhale.

Templeton Haze Cannabis

Templeton Haze

Sativa Dominant
Test Results:
THC 19.40% CBD .08%
Dominant Terpenes:
Terpinolene .864%
Myrcene .545%
Ocimene .326%

(Available in 2g and 4g only.)
The Templeton is a cross between Super Silver Haze and a Lemon Skunk. It’s the Swiss Army knife of sativas in that one can count on it for a boost in mood, energy, or creativity. It works fast and lasts long. It is a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side. Look for lemony undertones with a savory, buttery aroma followed by a musky haze aftertaste with traces of incense and black pepper.

Grease Monkey Cannabis

Grease Monkey

Indica Dominant
Test Results:
THC 26.99% CBD .06%
Dominant Terpenes:
Beta Caryophyllene .838%
Limonene .357%
Alpha Humulene .255%
Myrcene .198%

Parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream were cross bred to create this powerful strain called Grease Monkey. It has a delicious vanilla jet fuel scent. Patients with anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines and muscle spasms, find great relief with this medication. Greasy Monkey is quite the treat. Be sure to save some for your personal stash.

Eris 99 Cannabis

Eris 99

Sativa Dominant
Test Results:
THC 14.36% CBD .08%
Dominant Terpenes:
Myrcene 1.709%
Terpinolene .567%
Lemonene .205%

(Sorry, we are currently sold out!)
Eris 99 is a euphoric and potent hybrid sativa strain that leaves you feeling blissfully happy, but still able to continue with your day and get things done. She’s great for daytime use and provides plenty of energy. The effect is feeling warm, happy, very high and creative but with still enough energy to do something. The aroma is reminiscent of tropical fruits and an expensive French perfume.

Buddha Tahoe OG Cannabis

Buddha Tahoe OG

Indica Dominant
Test Results:
THC 29.40% CBD .07%
Dominant Terpenes:
Limonene .736%
Beta Caryophyllene .375%
Myrcene .331%

Buddha Tahoe exudes a zesty lemon and earthy hash aroma typical of kush varieties with tones of liquorice and mint. Potent and enduring, Buddha Tahoe launches you into to the highest level of cerebral euphoria. The experience begins as an energizing head high for the first 5 minutes before morphing into an incredibly intense body stone.

Guava Diesel Cannabis

Guava Diesel

Sativa / Indica Hybrid
Test Results:
THC 26.32% CBD .06%
Dominant Terpenes:
Beta Caryophyllene .0905%
Limonene .498%
Myrcene .371%
Alpha Humulene .368%

Guava Diesel from Top Dawg Seeds is a special cross between the Guava and Tre Dawg cultivars. The aroma profile is described as a tropical explosion of island fruit with hints of sour fuel due to its Chem Dawg heritage. The powerful effect is cerebral, euphoric and invigorating at first, finishing with a relaxing body high perfect for unwinding. The uplifting effects may help patients treating stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders, while also being a relaxing mood elevator.



Sativa Dominant
Test Results:
THC 25.79% CBD .06%
Dominant Terpenes:
Limonene .483%
Beta Caryophyllene .343%
Linalool .213%
Alpha Humulene .175%

(Sorry, we are currently sold out!)
Apollo is a sativa dominant hybrid created by breeders at the infamous Brothers Grimm farms. It has a sweet, citrus-fruit flavor. The aroma is sparkly bright on the nose. You’ll feel insanely uplifted and euphoric and have an almost overwhelming sense of creativity, focus, and motivation. This dank bud leaves you active, clear-minded, upbeat, and social for hours after you dose.

Tangie Cannabis


Sativa Dominant
Test Results:
THC 15.17% CBD .04%
Dominant Terpenes:
Terpinolene .545%
Myrcene .201%
Limonene .098%
Linalool .063%

Tangie is Sativa-dominant cannabis strain – 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica. This strain pays tribute to Tangerine Dream, a popular strain back in the day (1995). It is a cross between a Skunk strain and California Orange. With its citrus heritage, Tangie has a refreshing and sweet aroma like tangerines, distinguishing it from the other citrusy or fruity strains. Tangie gives motivational and uplifting effects while cerebral characteristics include euphoria, creativity, focus, and happiness.

Kimbo Kush Cannabis

Kimbo Kush

Indica Dominant
Test Results:
THC 19.58% CBD .04%
Dominant Terpenes:
Lemonene .391%
Beta Caryophyllene .262%
Linalool .180%
Alpha Bisabolol .109%

Exotic Genetix out of Washington State crossed Platinum Blackberry Kush and Starfighter to create this unique, super-potent Indica. Kimbo Kush has a distinct berry flavor and smell with pungent notes of wood and earth. This cultivar delivers a powerful body blow, with deep relaxation, sleepiness, and couch-lock effects that make it a good choice for late nights or rainy days. Medical applications include treatment for anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.

Tangerine Cookies

Tangerine Cookies

Sativa Dominant
Test Results:
THC 28.40% CBD .07%
Dominant Terpenes:
Beta Caryophyllene .717%
Myrcene .384%
Lemonene .273%
Alpha Humulene .266%

(Sorry, we are currently sold out!)
Bred by Elev8 Seeds, Tangerine Cookies is a mouth-watering, loud cultivar that smells and tastes like orange cream soda. This unique genetic has legendary parentage of Tangie and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The taste matches the smell exactly and lingers on the taste buds. The effect is energizing, happy and extremely potent.

CBD Critical Cure

CBD Critical Cure

Indica Dominant
Test Results:
THC 6.69% CBD 12.32%
Dominant Terpenes:
Myrcene .848%
Terpinolene .415%
Alpha Pinene .22%
Lemonene .122%

(Available in 2g only.)
Critical Cure can annihilate pain, stress, and inflammation with little psychoactive interference. It’s exceptionally appropriate for healing purposes. When ingested users will find a strong indica effect that gives rise to deeply relaxing effects and has the added benefit of minimal couch-lock. CBD Critical Cure has delicious sweet and earthy profile.

Harle-Tsu CBD Cannabis


Sativa / Indica Hybrid
Test Results:
THC 0.64% CBD 13.19%
Dominant Terpenes:
Terpinolene .482%
Myrcene .318%
Alpha Pinene .217%
Ocimene .16%

(Available in 2g only.)
Harle-Tsu, is a high-CBD hybrid cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. With a CBD content 20 times higher than its THC content, Harle-Tsu brings relief to pain and inflammation without psychoactivity. Like many high-CBD strains, the aroma of Harle-Tsu is woody and earthy with notes of sweet cherry and hints of pine and spice. Whether you’re suffering from pain or severe anxiety, Harle-Tsu is the perfect non-psychoactive strain for the job.


Hand-produced in-house with whole buds. We never use trim or shake. Golden Apple pre-rolls are great for patients who want a quality smoke without the hassle of rolling their own. Joints are also great for social situations and making every day special.

Mini Pre Rolls

Mini Pre-Rolls

Indica and Sativa Dominant Cultivars Available
Mini pre-roll packages come as an eighth of flowers (3.5g) rolled into twelve miniature joints. Golden Apple mini pre-rolls work well for patients on the go; they are pocket sized, easy to travel with, save time on rolling joints, and are the perfect size for one person.

Regular Pre Rolls

.5 Gram Pre-Rolls

Indica and Sativa Dominant Cultivars Available
Our half gram pre-roll package comes with four half gram joints. The entire package contains 2 grams of premium cannabis. These are great when the mini’s just aren’t enough for the particular occasion and you’re looking for a full size joint. They’re perfect for one or more people and especially fun at parties.


Experience the taste and effects of the flower in a concentrated form without the side of solvent. Now you can, thanks to a newer solvent-less technique which has emerged called “Rosin” technology. Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from flowers or hash. Devoid of butane and other harsh chemicals, Rosin is gentler on lungs and retains the rich terpene profiles of the original strain. With a consistency ranging from transparent shatter, to an amber sap, to a creamy butter-like texture; Rosin is changing the face of the cannabis concentrate market.



( .5g| 1g)
Indica or Sativa Dominant Cultivars Available
Our Rosin is made fresh from either our in-house flowers from our menu or our in-house hash, either of which fully melt on a nail. Recommended for dabbing or a wax capable vape pen. Please send an email, call, or text for available Rosin cultivar varieties.

Cannabis Vape Pen

Oil Vape Pen w/ 0.5ml Cartridge

Made with no solvents, glycols, glycerine, alcohols, or chemicals. By using minimal processing to preserve the “magic” of the oil, we are able to retain euphoric effects closer to a flower experience compared to other vape pen solutions. The more cannabis oil gets processed, the more terpenes, flavonoids, and other constituents that make up the familiar and welcome feeling of cannabis disappear. New technology in the vaporizer pen market enable us to use a thicker minimally processed oil. The oil in the cartridges is simply rosin and organic terpenes. Pure and simple.

Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Oil Vape Pen Refill Cartridge

Refill cartridges for the oil vape pen. Made with no solvents, glycols, glycerine, alcohols, or chemicals. The cartridges hold .5ml of minimally processed rosin and terpenes. Please ask which oil cartridge options are available when placing your order.


Tinctures are liquid infusions, administered orally. You can hold the liquid directly under your tongue in a method known as sublingual consumption (under the tongue) which allows for quick absorption and faster onset, or the liquid can be mixed into food or beverages. Our tinctures are made with 100% purified coconut oil infused with pure cannabis flowers. Food-grade essential oils give our tinctures a mild flavor. Tinctures are a great way to administer without smoking or vaping.

CBD Cannabis Tincture

CBD Tincture

Test Results
(Sorry, we are currently sold out!)
Our CBD Cannabis Tincture is made with our Harle-Tsu flowers. The CBD Tinctures is a very potent anti-inflammatory. In addition, it can annihilate pain, stress, anxiety, with no psychoactive interference. Contains 350 mg of CBD per bottle. Available in both spearmint or orange flavors.

2:1 Cannabis Tincture

2:1 (CBD:THC) Tincture

Test Results
Critical Cure has a 2:1 (CBD:THC) ratio which can help annihilate pain, stress, anxiety, and inflammation with little psychoactive interference. Each CBD Critical Cure tincture bottle contains approximately 250 mg CBD and 125 mg THC. Available in both spearmint or orange flavors.

1:1 Cannabis Tincture

1:1 (CBD:THC) Tincture

Our 1:1 (CBD:THC) Cannabis Tincture contains a balanced proportion of CBD and THC and are custom blended upon request. Each bottle contains approximately 200 mg of each CBD and THC. A combination of CBD and THC can have a greater therapeutic effect for a wider range of conditions than CBD or THC alone. Available in both spearmint or orange flavors.

THC Cannabis Tincture

THC Tincture

Test Results
The THC Cannabis Tincture is made with a blend of our flowers. THC based products are very helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders. Available in both spearmint or orange flavors. Each tincture contains approximately 600 mg of THC per bottle, with little to no CBD.


Topical cannabis products deliver healing cannabinoids to your muscles, aches, and injuries. We have infused pure cannabis flowers into coconut oil and have added 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Topical cannabis is absorbed into the skin and tissues, where it acts locally on cannabinoid receptors. From arthritis to tense muscles, sprains, aches, spasms and itches, topicals provide pain and inflammation relief without side effects or a psychoactive “high”.

Pain Relief Roll On

Cannabis Pain Relief Roll-on

Our roll on contains approx. 300mg of THC in a coconut oil base along with therapeutic grade essential oils.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cannabis, Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, Peppermint. Essential Oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade.

Cannabis Salve

Cannabis Pain Relief Salve

Test Results
This Pain Relief Salve contains 150mg CBD, and 50mg THC, in a coconut oil and beeswax base along with therapeutic grade essential oils.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cannabis, Beeswax, Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Lavender. Essential Oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade.


Golden Apple Sweatshirts

Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Hoodie


Golden Apple T-shirts

Golden Apple Cannabis Co. T-shirt and Tanks


Golden Apple Hats

Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Trucker Hat

Various Colors



Wax Pen Vaporizer

This is currently our favorite portable wax pen when it comes to ceramic disk/donut wax vaporizers. A powerful, perfectly tuned battery with micro USB charging complete the unit providing strong, consistent vaping that makes it a top pick for any wax and rosin enthusiast looking for super portable mega vaping. Replacement ceramic donut atomizers are available for $15.


510 Thread Nail Pro

The 510 Nail Pro is a dab e-nail attachment for any vape mod box that fits 510 thread. It comes with both titanium and ceramic nails which are 16mm. This is very similar to a Portable eNail except without the battery. Now you can have the luxury of dabbing with your own 180w mod box!


GRAV Upright Bubbler

This upright bubbler is a perfect coffee table piece. It stands 7″ tall so it’s not an imposing unit. The bubbler features a sleek 45° mouthpiece and tungsten three holed downstem for excellent filtration and flavor. The extra thick base ensures years of use with proper care. It also features an inset 14mm female receiver that allows you to add different bowl styles, adapters, and accessories. Designed by Grav Labs and made of high quality scientific glass.

Circuit Dab Rig

GRAV 5in Circuit Rig

Circuit is the newest collaboration by GRAV Labs and glass artist Turbo that puts a new spin on a rig. A directional tungsten direct inject diffuser creates a whirlwind of smoke packed into a pocket-able piece. You can rip on these pieces as hard as you would a large tube and get no splash back. Featuring a 14mm male joint and dome-less quartz nail.

Grav Spoon Pipe

GRAV Spoon Pipes

($12 | $20)
GRAV glass spoon pipes available in both mini 3″ size and regular 4″ size. The GRAV Mini Spoon is a fun-sized, spoon-shaped taster with an inverted cone mouthpiece to prevent ash and a cooling ring that makes up for the short length of the body. The 4″ spoons feature an inverted cone mouthpiece that keeps your mouth ash free. Each spoon has the GRAV logo sand etched into the neck for authentication.


Enail Kit

Toss the torch and use an enail; adjustable and consistent temperatures allow you to get more out of your concentrates. No more waiting for the torch and feeling for the right temperature. Be certain your nail is always ready to go at the temperature you desire most for the best dabbing experience possible! This complete kit from High5 Designs comes with a Control Unit, 16mm Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil, Power Cord, Universal Titanium nail, Carb Cap + Dabber. We have Black or Gold units in stock.

Rig and Enail

Dab Rig and Enail

A glass rig and enail is the best way to vaporize concentrates, both for effects and taste. This complete setup contains a GRAV Upright Bubbler, a High5 Designs Control Unit, 16mm Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil, Power Cord, Universal Titanium nail, Carb Cap + Dabber. Everything you need for a connoisseur dabbing experience!