Our Process

From Seed to Sale

Many shops grow cannabis, and there is no shortage of cultivators out there. However, there are few, if any, that incorporate the amount of knowledge, science, artistry, and consistency as Golden Apple Cannabis Co.

We rely heavily on laboratory testing at each stage of our process. We get testing performed on our seeds, our water, the growing media, the nutrients, and on the plants – both when they’re growing and after they’ve been harvested to ensure the best possible products we can offer. We are vertically integrated in that we do not distribute any cannabis or cannabis based products from outside sources. This means we can tell you exactly how each plant was grown, what it was grown with, the environment it was grown in, and provide testing results for each step of the way.

All of our cannabis is grown at an indoor facility which consists of closed environment grow room systems. The gardens are completely controlled sterile environments with technologically advanced temperature and humidity controls, HEPA air purification, and supplemental CO2 injection. You will find no dust, no insect debris, and no pathogens in our cannabis which is impossible to limit when growing outdoors or in common greenhouses. By utilizing these standards we can produce truly medicinal, pharmaceutical grade, marijuana.

We have outlined each stage of our process in the articles below for you to learn more about what we do and how we do it. We will be adding new articles to this page on a regular basis to keep you informed as to what separates us from everyone else!

featured image for Seeds


At Golden Apple Cannabis Co. the cultivation and cultivar selection process starts with seeds. Learn why we don’t acquire outside genetics from clones, what types of seeds we look for, and how we perform DNA sex testing.
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Water Quality

We don’t water our plants with any ‘ole water. Learn about the water filtration techniques we employ for our plants, along with electric conductivity, water pH, alkalinity values, bicarbonates, and view lab test results!
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Growing Media

Coco coir and perlite constitute the media we cultivate our plants in. First, we sterilize the media using chlorine dioxide (ClO2), then we inoculate the media with mycorrhizae. We also provide lab results of our media both before and after sterilization!
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Learn about controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and why we grow in sterilized growth rooms. Understand vapor pressure deficit (VPD), temperature differential (DIF), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and HEPA air filtration. We fine tune all of these parameters to bring you the best cannabis!
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Plant nutrient basics are explained, along with proper mineral values used to grow optimized cannabis flowers. Learn how we mix and make all of our own nutrients and see lab results of the finished product!
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For our controlled environment agriculture (CEA) lighting we use a combination of CMH and HPS lamps. Learn about correct spectrum and methods to measure light for growing cannabis such as PAR, PPF, PPFD, and DLI!
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Plant Selection

Learn about our plant selection process which includes DNA sex testing, early leaf cannabinoid ratio testing, bioassay assessments, etc. to find the best phenotype within a given genotype pool!