Golden Apple

Golden Apple Cannabis Co. is a boutique medical marijuana collective based in North San Luis Obispo County on California’s Central Coast. Using the latest industry and horticultural research along with the best technologies, we produce premium cannabis products to excite even the most well versed connoisseur.

We are unlike most current dispensaries in that we are vertically integrated - all of our products are produced in house and we control the entire supply chain from seed to sale. We do not sell flowers or products from other growers. This means we can tell you exactly how the cannabis was grown and how each product was made, along with providing trusted third-party lab results for verification of a top quality and safe product.

All of our cannabis is grown at an indoor facility which consists of closed environment grow room systems. The gardens are completely controlled sterile environments with technologically advanced temperature and humidity controls, HEPA air purification, and supplemental CO2 injection. This keeps our flowers free of harmful molds, pathogens, pests, and dust to meet the high standards of truly medicinal, pharmaceutical grade, marijuana. Our flowers are hand trimmed and carefully dried in a controlled environment. Then they are slowly cured before being meticulously packaged with nitrogen to protect against moisture, oxidization, and light.

We perform lab testing at multiple stages of production from container media samples, the source water before and after reverse osmosis filtration, nutrient samples of our custom in-house nutrient line, plant tissue during the growth cycle, and final flower testing after harvest.

We have also proudly partnered with SC Labs to test our harvested flowers for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, pesticide levels , and microbial levels (mold, mildew, etc.) to ensure that we have the safest and highest level of quality products to offer to our members.


How It Works

To place an order for our premium cannabis products you must be a member of our collective and have a valid recommendation from a state-licensed physician for the medical use of cannabis.

To become a member of our collective simply email your recommendation to join@goldenapplecannabis.com.

Don’t have a recommendation? We have partnered with HelloMD, an online medical marijuana evaluation and recommendation service. You will be approved in 20 minutes. Once you have obtained your recommendation from HelloMD we will have your recommendation on file and you’ll be ready to place an order! Just like Golden Apple Cannabis Co., HelloMD is personal, private, and confidential.


Once we have your recommendation you are ready to browse our products page and place your order via phone, email, or text!